A great Putlocker alternative you wish you had known sooner

Are you tired of finding ways to watch movies and TV shows online for free, and all you can get is putlocker and other similar sites where you have to face tons of advertisements, and poor-quality videos? Well, don’t worry as we have got you covered. Here in this article, we came with an awesome website that will get you free movies and TV shows. I’m going to tell you what this site is and how to make the most out of it, so stay tuned with us.

How to watch your favorite TV shows online


Vumoo: So, let’s get started with our movie website. Now, if you have a different device other than an iPhone or an iPad like if you have an Android phone or a fire stick, you can utilize this website. It’s pretty much for any device that has a web browser. So if you’re on an iPhone or an iPad, just go to your Safari browser or Google browser and type in vumoo.to, and make sure you type the right one because there are a few alternative ones that look exactly like it. So, make sure it has the TO at the very end. When you first come into the web site, it’s going to look very straightforward. It has only two parts to it, movies and TV series – so that makes it so much easier to navigate. The one drawback of this website is it doesn’t have a sorting feature. So if you’re looking for a specific genre, you can’t sort in for that, and you’ll have to utilize the search bar there to find a particular show. The other thing worth pointing out is the difficulty to find seasons or different parts of the TV series. Suppose you clicked TV shows, and if you go into a particular TV show that has multiple seasons, then you won’t be able to navigate through all the seasons on the same page. For example, there’s a TV show named “Pennyworth,” and it has multiple seasons. Now, if you click this show, then it’s only going to show season one. So if you want season two or season three, then you’ll have to search for Pennyworth season two, which is pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. Now, if we go ahead and click on that poster, then you scroll down, and then only it will have all of the episodes laid out – this is the way it’s set up. It also has a quick synopsis and rating. On that page, you can click whatever episode you want to watch. Now, let’s say that you clicked on episode 9, and then you go right back up to the Media Player, and then you click that play sign. When you click that play sign, sometimes it doesn’t do anything, and you’re going think to yourself that perhaps nothing is happening or this is not working, etc. Well, it’s working, and it’s loading it in the background, so give it a few seconds. Sometimes it does take a few seconds to process, and then it will start. So that is a quick description of the TV series section, now let me go ahead and hit pause, and you can make it fullscreen on the very bottom. If you click the little two arrows, it will make the video fullscreen, and then you can click it again to make it smaller.