Legamento d'amore

The magic of love spell

In marriages, the practice of love magic was to keep the couple together. These spells weren’t used on everyone as the person who cast the spell would be tormented. Hence only certain couples were chosen for the spell or charm or ritual to be performed. These methods would sometimes be used as a ploy for social advancements. They had a certain importance in a particular era, wherein they were sacred and not all people could get away with the spells and charms as now people claim to make. The futility of the attempt can be seen, as more and more people don’t believe in the concept of love magic. Make use of Legamento d’amore .

The practice of love magic

In the olden days, the people who cast spells had special targets and they would select those people with a certain ritual or a sign they felt were right for the spell or charm to work on, not all the people were privileged enough to get their hands on the charms that love magic can perform. Sometimes they were also performed to get away from social restrictions that were imposed on and trying to abide by them by the help of potions and charms were one of the ways out that people would get some amount of sexual satisfaction outside of marriage.

The spells were rarely spelled out and not many even know them except the caster as it was thought if it was let out in the open it may lose its power purpose for what it was meant to do. These were performed discretely unbeknownst to the person who is being charmed. This way they could get away with it without anybody getting to know it. The need to believe love magic is one of the characteristics of the caster will help bring in the required effect to the whole process. The desires have to be spoken when the love magic is being performed and you will have to totally engage in it.

Legamento d'amore

How it was influenced

These spells held significance during the rise of religions and they would now associate it with worship the spells would have a whole new meaning when taken with the name of god or in the place of worship. The love magic would have greater power with the help of god will enable the person to whom it is cast will be more associated with the person than before. Love magic was more associated with the feminine gender having a large part to play in it mostly more inclined to do the spells as she had to mostly stay at home looking at hearth and children and couldn’t wander for her love and desires unlike the men who could and would at the slightest chance as they not so shackled by having to stay with their partners.

It became folklore that women would always put their foot forward in getting men bewitched with their charms and guiles. It later then turned the tables upon the prostitutes and courtesans. With this, it became punishing for the females especially the prostitutes as they were condemned shamed and even punished by burning at the stake or impaled. This was a stereotype enforced on women and it was highly condemnable as men were left scot-free and were led into the act as they were made to do psychologically.