clay making workshop singapore

Clay Making Process and the Success rate for You

Degreaser, stain remover, abrasive and above all non-toxic for the environment, clay has it all. Discover tips for using it as a natural and effective household product. With the best clay making workshop singapore you can opt for the best choices.

clay making workshop singapore

At the moment, when it comes to home maintenance, your heart is swinging for clay. Well known to our grandmothers, this rocky material, ecological and economical, is a good alternative to household supermarket products. Conventional cleaning products often consist of substances that are toxic to you and to the environment. If you are looking for a natural and effective product to clean everything, we suggest you clay. In the slideshow below, learn tips for using clay for home and garden maintenance.

  • Green or white, each colour has its properties. In the house, we will use green clay in the form of stone to wash and shine a stainless steel sink. In the garden, it will say goodbye to cochineals and beautify the rose bushes. White clay is the ally of whiteness in the bathroom and revealing cleanliness for the white garden furniture. In addition to cleaning, clay protects surfaces. Indeed, after using claystone, you can polish with a soft or microfiber cloth and thus cover the surface with an invisible film which will give a new appearance. Magic? No, it is simple thanks to the vegetable oil contained in certain clays bought in DIY stores.

In short, you will understand, clay offers various virtues that will allow you to save money, from $ 5 in-store. To try it is to adopt it.

Clay to descale and shine the bathtub

In the bathroom, lime deposits are our biggest enemy. To descale your bathtub, to give shine to the shower or the sink, white clay is effective. It can be used as a scouring powder by mixing powdered clay, sodium bicarbonate and salt in equal parts. And for the most motivated, we tackle the joints. A wet sponge soaked in clay is used before rubbing the joints. We rinse with clean water and everything is white as new.

Clay to maintain your white garden furniture

Its white garden furniture, we like it to remain sparkling. One of the solutions to maintain your garden furniture is claystone. You can buy claystone or make it yourself. This recipe for making a white claystone is simple: mix a cup of white clay with half a cup of grated Marseille soap, add 30 drops of eucalyptus or mint essential oils and a little water if need. The dough should not be sticky. Pour into a jar with a lid and let dry for a minimum of three days. Once again, all you have to do is take a sponge, moisten the stone and rub.

A motorhome at the top of its cleanliness

Over time, the motorhome tends to green a little. With a sponge and claystone, you can get rid of these greenish spots. Slower than a trip to the car wash, cleaning your motorhome with a sponge and claystone is just as effective. Clay does not scratch, so you can scrub anything.

Glass windows without a trace

Forget the window cleaner and opt for claystone. It has the advantage of depositing a thin film on the bay windows, which allows water to bead on the glass without leaving any traces. It’s a phenomenon that you will particularly appreciate if it starts to rain a few minutes after cleaning.