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Your Choices for the perfect Sound System Installation

Obviously, some speakers are a few feet tall and not need to be installed on small columns or speaker stands. On the other hand, if they are small speakers, it is better to make sure that they are about the ears, especially those of the front. The rear speakers can be installed a few inches above the ears to create a better effect. With רמקולים שקועים you can have the best options now.

Install your receiver

Many people install their receiver in the TV cabinet. This is the best place knowing that you will have to connect your TV, but also all your other devices, such as your Blu-ray player, your device or your game consoles. Fortunately, most devices now work with HDMI, which greatly facilitates the connection. Make sure your receiver has enough HDMI inputs.

Connect the wires

רמקולים שקועים

In my opinion, speaker wires are less convenient than other types of cables used in home theater HDMI, component, etc. However, they remain easy to install, so you do not need additional knowledge. Usually, each audio cable is divided into two colors: red positive and black or nothing negative.

On your receiver and on each speaker, you will find the two colors corresponding to the wires. Just connect them with the right color. You may have to strip the wires. You can use a wire stripper. He must have enough copper wires so that they can enter behind your device and the speaker. Just keep in mind that the wires should not be too long to touch.

The configuration of the receiver

Since each device is different, you will have to rely on the manufacturer’s manual. On the other hand, know that it is always possible, later, to manually adjust several characteristics of its system. For example, if you are a bass fan, you can increase the bass level. One of the best ways to find out if your system is properly configured is to insert your favorite CD or Blu-ray. If you know it by heart, then you will know immediately what’s wrong.

Some tips in bulk

Watch out for electric shocks. It is best to get a surge protector and turn off the power during the installation process.

  • Ask for help. Do not hesitate to ask the help of the Geek Squad to install your audio system.
  • If your TV has a THX or cinema mode, you can put it in this mode to get a better result.
  • Do not be afraid to test. There is not a salon like this.
  • Do not put anything between you and your speakers.

The sound may not sound the same if you are in a closed room and a room with lots of windows and open doors. Your couch or where you are going to sit and watch TV should be the focal point of your installation. Do not put your bass speaker in a corner. Otherwise, you have a lot of flexibility for where to install it.

It is also important to respect the connection of its various hi-fi devices to the power outlets. You should not connect the amplifier to the same socket as the TV or its lights. This can cause electrical noise that will degrade the sound quality.