Why are superfoods important? The Smart Solutions

Today’s food contains fewer and fewer nutritional values. The new agricultural methods are the main cause of this. Moreover, unhealthy food is abundant, and unhealthy eating is easier than eating healthy. However, we notice from our body, skin, hair, and resistance that this unhealthy diet is not good for us. That is the moment when you realize the importance of healthy food and especially superfoods .

The benefits of superfoods

Every superfood has its specific properties and therefore also some characteristic health benefits. The basic qualities of superfoods are an improvement in physical and mental health, an increase in physical resistance, and an improvement in the immune system. They give you a lot of energy, and this makes you feel better. The superfoods are famous for reducing calories as they improve your metabolism. The rejuvenating your skin is an advantage of superfoods, thanks to antioxidants and vitamin C they contain. They also reduce the risk of cancer and protect your heart.

Which foods are called superfood?


The name superfoods came from America and were probably invented in marketing circles. However, the collective name for these foods makes it easy to place all super healthy foods under one denominator. In the union of a specialist nutritionist, only the foodstuffs that have been proven to have positive properties may bear the name “Superfood.” That is when a large number of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, good fats, etc. are present.

In a society where people are increasingly confronted with various shortages, superfoods can be a good way to make up for those shortages again. Does that mean that so-called superfoods are better than a normal apple? No. An ordinary apple, grown in nutritious soil, is also rich in nutrients.

Superfoods are super, but they are not necessarily better than all the fruits and vegetables that we already know. According to the Nutrition Center, there is no healthiest vegetable or fruit; it’s just about variation.

Which superfoods are there?

The list of superfoods has been expanded enormously. To keep it organized, they are divided into different categories. With each category, you will find an as comprehensive as possible list with the healthiest (and most famous) superfoods.

Green superfoods

These are the green vegetables that contain a high concentration of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and healthy bacteria. By this, we mean superfoods such as chlorella and green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, and winter purslane.

Fruit & nut superfoods

These super fruits and nuts have healthy properties that help kill (bad) bacteria. The list of examples is quite long, but here are the most important blueberries, mulberries, Masui berry, walnuts, cocoa, and coconut products.

Herb superfoods

You will find lots of healthy herbs with a huge amount of vitamins in superfoods. They also have particular medicinal benefits. Some of these super herbs are nettle, aloe vera, and basil.

Acai berries as a superfood

The sweet Acai berries have a purple color and resemble normal blueberries. The berry is packed with antioxidants, is rich in potassium and fiber and contains a large amount of vitamin C. This gives the berry your energy, ensures a better sleep cycle and is extremely healthy for your heart.