What Makes the Time Tracker Essential Now

The software allows you to automatically consolidate all of the information entered in order to prepare your variable payroll elements. In this case, automation makes your data more reliable. An alert system notifies you of any anomalies. Kammi software allows you to transmit them to your payroll software or your accounting firm in one click, via, once again, an API or an interface. The payroll is simplified and reliable. With Tracklify you will be having all the supports now.

The GTA tools allow almost restructuring the activity and the organization of companies. These technical processes enhance the work of employees while quantifying it. The performance is increased, the management of the activity refined. However, among all the software on the market, how to make the right choice?

How to Choose Your Gta? A Few Tips


The selected tool must adapt to your needs, conventions and regulations. The watchwords are flexibility and adaptability:

  • Choose an intuitive and ergonomic solution to allow the employee to enter their activities in a few clicks, no need to add an additional time-consuming task.
  • Avoid any re-entry and prefer a solution that integrates billing. You ensure time consolidation without error.
  • The invoicing must be able to meet your needs: invoicing of time in management, fixed price, or even in fixed management.
  • Orient yourself to flexible time and activity management tool that can adapt to your time policy: enter times in days, fractions of days, or hours.
  • Prefer software allowing you to personalize the display: calendar or table, an overview of weekends or not.

Many other features are important: the integration of absences, the presence of a personal schedule and a team schedule. Obviously, a time and activity management tool have real added value for structuring your business. Choose an evolving tool that will adapt to the new ways of working for employees: flexible working hours, teleworking, and collaborative work. Finally, to allow a successful implementation, the HR team must take the time to support the change by explaining the advantages and benefits to the teams.


Dashable extracts information related to a project from applications such as Trello, Basecamp, Github and Pivotal Tracker, and synchronizes its status. This application sends an e-mail to users every day asking them to confirm their activity and the number of hours accumulated on that day. Managers receive an email each morning inviting them to review the activities and billable hours for the previous day. Dashable includes billing features that generate the creation of an invoice when the project is complete and speed up payment.


Hubstaff allows managers to see who is online and who is working on which project, is intended to track the hours of employees working remotely. This program runs in the background of the user’s computer and takes regular screenshots to keep the user productive. It is also compatible with PayPal, Payoneer and Quickbooks for payments and integrates with 16 project management platforms, including Basecamp, Jira and Asana.


Noko is a user-friendly time tracking tool for teams. Its marking system facilitates the monitoring of projects or types of tasks, while its dashboard separates non-billable hours from billable hours. The Pulse section allows employees to see their productivity by day. In addition, you can import timesheets from Excel or other tracking applications.