Metal Signs

What Kind of Metal Signs You Would Like to Be Sure of

Printing a billboard is considered a simple and fairly easy job to do. This is so if we think of an old model of marketing and communication. A model based on concepts such as quantity, diffusion and coverage. Today, thanks to new printing techniques and the great amplifying power of social networks, the scenario has changed. In fact, to be successful even Metal Signs can be enough if made with a high wow coefficient.

The Years to Come

For years the billboard has been the basis of every communication campaign. In an increasingly digitalized world, however, it seems to have lost much of that power it once had. With the exception of village festivals, telephone companies and car dealers, fewer and fewer brands and companies rely on the good old 6×3.

In reality, the problem lies not so much in the medium chosen but in the quality of the creativity that is printed.

We have collected 6 examples of billboards with a very high coefficient. With this type of posting and communication, it will not be necessary to have vast and numerous coverage. Even a single billboard could be enough.

Costs decrease and benefits increase

Here are 6 examples of truly spectacular billboards that the web has made viral by sending the message to millions of people.

1) Answer and reply. The billboard that responds to another billboard.

In this case, the billboards must be at least two. But no more. The cost will, however, remain low. The concept is simple: take two signs close to each other and make them communicate. Seeing is believing.

  • In the first case, we have a Tennis tournament, in the second case nothing less than Thor the God of Thunder. One of the Avengers. In short, a billboard for real superheroes.
  • What do you say you do not want to participate in immediately? Batto? No, beat her. We have the Italian version ready.
  • Will Thor be able to reach his hammer? We really believe so.

2) The interactive advertising billboard.

Metal Signs

Fortunately, there are more and more interactive signs. You can get an idea on Youtube. Precisely because one in a big city is enough to still have visibility at world level thanks to social networks.

They work in particular for issues that are difficult to communicate and represent such as health care or campaigns to combat violence.

  • Here we are in Canada, precisely in Quebec. The client is the Quebec hospital, the goal is to increase interest in pursuing a career in the medical field.
  • By placing your hands on the patient’s chest, the electrocardiogram in the upper right comes to life. Beautiful, moving, simple and ingenious. In short, the WOW effect at very high levels.
  • There is already a desire to begin the course in surgery.

3) The flying billboard.

There are magic tricks and billboards that can seem (and partly are) magical. More has been said about the world of sugar-free products. Finding new strategies is increasingly difficult. And therefore what better way to describe the “lightness” of a product if not literally making it fly. Here comes the flying billboard. Of course, because without sugar.