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Vaping and the Right Options for You

Conduction is best for novice users, people who do not want to spend a lot on a vaporizer or who value simplicity and convenience of use. You can choose the vape kits there now.

Convection for whom

Using a session vaporizer can be compared to smoking a coil you should burn it completely, it automatically burns between puffs, while extinguishing it and firing again you will lose both part of the contribution and taste. At the other extreme we have on-demand vaporizers, which are heating on demand.

vape kits

In their case, the drought is not heated all the time, but only during puffs and possibly for a very short time after it. This solution makes this type of device much more economical first of the entire drought is not heated all the time so it is not wasted automatically when you do not enlist.

Secondly, this scheme of operation means that using an on-demand vaporizer we can stop the inhalation at any time and finish it later without any loss of performance. Using an on-demand vaporizer can therefore be compared to smoking from a fifth or bong these are short, rather intense sessions.

Session vaporizer for whom and for what occasions

If you plan to use your vaporizer together with friends, the session model will work much better. These types of devices are usually much easier when it comes to the inhalation technique, so you won’t have a problem teaching your friends how to use them.

First of all, however, session vaporizers are better for inhalation in a larger group due to the fact that they are adapted to many puffs in a row, with which on-demand vaporizers usually cope worse in such situations they may overheat, it may be necessary frequent refilling of the chamber with dry matter or simply their battery may run out.

Using a session vaporizer is much like smoking a twist, so it will also be much better for people who preferred longer sessions with smoke i.e. turns at a time when they smoked in more traditional ways. Finally, if saving material is not an absolute priority, but we highly value the comfort and simplicity of inhalation, then the session model will also prove to be a much better choice using this type of vaporizer is simply more convenient, it does not require too much attention on our part and therefore much better, e.g. when watching a movie or at a party.

On-demand vaporizer for whom and for what occasions

On-demand vaporizers are devices designed for rather one-man inhalations. They are not suitable for inhalation in a larger group using the on-demand model in two people is the absolute maximum. This type of vaporizer is also not a good solution for people who are not patient or unwilling to put a little effort into mastering the operation of the vaporizer on-demand models are usually more demanding than session models when it comes to handling and puffing technique. Therefore, when choosing this type of model, you should take this into account.

However, if we are open to learning it’s part of the fun. And are looking for a device for individual inhalations, then the on-demand type vaporizer will pay off to us with exceptional efficiency and material saving. The ability to take one literally 1-2 times is perfect for busy people who want to get cannabinoids during the day but don’t necessarily have the time or the opportunity to have a long session with a vaporizer.