dubai residence visa

V for Visa, not vendetta: residence visa

Do you remember that where did you the visa thing? I guess we are all hearing visa thing in-flight travel. In this topic, we have to see the dubai residence visa . Some people did flight travel but many people don’t, right? Some people used flights as their home two-wheelers. Yes, they traveled every week even daily too. But many people had a dream about flight travel every week even every day. Frankly telling, even I am also not traveling on flights. I am one of the many people categories. But one day I will. I know some details about flight travel that what do and what don’t do? Do you want to know what is the reason that I know about these details? Yes, I want to settle in the United Arab Emirates. And in other simple words, I want to settle in Dubai. Dubai is a beautiful country, isn’t it? Before you want to know about the visa and residence visa, You must know about the what is the purpose of the passport, visa, and residence visa, and why is that very important? Can you imagine our country’s airlines? There are many airlines company in our country, right? And there are like Air India, Indigo and some other airlines too. But we can divide their airline’s duty or flight transportation into two. That is domestic transportation and the other one is international transportation.

dubai residence visa

In domestic transportation, you should take the flight tickets but no need to take the passports. Inside your country, you can travel without the passports but flight tickets must. For example, you can travel from Chennai to Delhi without passports through the flights. Because, there are no needs for passports because you are an Indian citizen, right? So, it is no need. But flight tickets are very important in which citizens you are otherwise you should pay the fine or you should count behind the bars. But in international transportation, you should have the passports and the other thing also you should have a must. The other thing is the visa. Passports for the evidence that you are the Indian citizen and visa for entry ticket or permission letter and whatever you take. Abroad countries allow you only if you have a visa. Every country has different visa and different conditions. If you want to enter your wish country, then you should get their respective visa. If you want to stay, then you should get a residence visa. Then only they let you stay there. Dubai also has a different visa and different visa conditions.

How to get a Dubai visa from India?

Dubai government allotted normal visa types of Indian applicants. So, no need to worry about critical procedures.

  • First of all, you have the normal Indian passports. Yes, passports are the most important.
  • And then know your visa type. For example, if you are a student, then it will be a student visa and there are some visas are tourist visas, medical visas, work visas too.
  • Assemble all your needed documents for this process.
  • And then contact the nearest visa application center and apply for your visa.
  • Within 14 days you can get your visa. And then visit Dubai and enjoy your visit.
  • Then you can apply for a residence visa from Dubai if you wish and before apply, you knew that you are eligible or not.