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Pruning is necessary, first, for the formation of a beautiful, balanced tree, each branch of which will have the strength to bear fruit. Secondly, thinning of the crown helps to create the best conditions for the formation of not just fruits, but large, juicy and healthy ones. Third, systematic pruning makes it possible to extend the life of trees and shrubs for a long time. The Tree service Bellingham is the best choice there.

Tree service Bellingham

When is it best to prune fruit trees and produce crown formation: terms, the right advice, prices from the specialists of country comfort. In late autumn, when the entire crop is harvested, it’s time to tackle the health and beauty of fruit trees in your personal plot. The end of October and the beginning of November is the time when you need to prune fruit trees and berry bushes. Pruning is done in the fall for the following reasons:

  • At this time, vegetation ends pruning will not provoke the growth of new shoots.
  • The juice will not flow out through the “wounds” on the branches, as its movement ends in the fall.
  • In places of cut, the peeling of the bark will not occur.
  • Correctly cut trees in the fall after winter begin to bear fruit intensively.

Winter pruning is also practiced. It must be produced around February or early March. The main thing is to be in time before the sap flow begins. Otherwise, the cut-off areas of the trees may freeze, and the bark may peel off.

Pruning can be divided into several types: thinning, selective and non-selective. Specialists of “Country Comfort Plus” are well versed in their business and will be able to advise you exactly what type of pruning is necessary for your trees and shrubs.

Pruning is quite a serious event. It is carried out in order to:

  • To form a crown
  • Get rid of dry branches and twigs,
  • Adjust the growth of a fruit tree or bush.

Of course, properly conducting it without harming the plant and without creating inconvenience to itself will not work without the arsenal of special tools. It is better to stock up with them at the very beginning of the season when the assortment is wide and the head of the summer resident is not clogged with a bunch of problems.

Basic requirements for trimming tools

  • Maximum sharpness of blades. It will provide an even cut that does not injure the plant.
  • Safety and convenience during operation.
  • The ends of the blades of any trimmer should be tapered. This will provide access to the most difficult branches.
  • Tools should be lightweight but durable.

It is better if the handle is made of non-slip material in a bright colors. The yellow, red, blue tool is easier to find in the grass.

Tools should be light but durable

These simple items apply to any kind of cropping equipment. It’s time to get acquainted with the main characters.


Let’s start with the most famous and easiest with garden secateurs. This is the main tool for working with fruit trees, berry and ornamental shrubs. If only young trees grow in the country house, then it is entirely possible to get along with secateurs, as they cut branches up to 2.5 cm thick. By the way, most of these branches.