To whom we can give the tip?

Tip calculator is very much useful for the people who go to restaurants, hotels, bars, or to some other places that are related to it. Did you ever get confused about giving tips to the waiters or who is delivering your food you maybe but now you can easily get out of that confusion by making use of this tip calculator? Giving tip measures how much respect you have with locals. Wondering how it is very simple. By using tipcalculator.org you can calculate it. Tipping is the culture in many countries. Here, we are going to discuss that in detail.

General things about tipping in a place:


It is very important to know about the basics of tipping and what it means?

Tipping is a kind of showing gratitude to the unknown but who had given a certain service with a small amount of money to make them happy. Another side of this tip is that we can pay a sum of a small amount to the goods or services that we receive and most probably this amount will go to the owner, not to the person they work under. Some of the places which we provide the tip are mentioned below,

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Taverns
  • Other placed that is related to gastronomy

The persons who we give the tip are

  • The person called bartenders who prepare the alcohol for us
  • The one who provides coffee for us called baristas
  • The one who gets the order and serve the food in a refreshing way called waiters

We can give tips to the people for the ones who are working for us and providing service for us in hotels. They are,

  • The porters who carry the luggage of us to the room when we stay in hotels
  • The one who cleans the rooms for us
  • The person who provides food and champagne for us
  • The personnel room service

There are other cases are there where we have to give the tip necessarily in some places they are,

  • The tourist guide who help us to know about the place we do not have any idea about it
  • The boy or man who delivers the pizza they deserve to get the tip because they would not mind whether it is raining or sunny they delivers us the pizza at the right time
  • It is quite fair to pay the tip to the cab or taxi drivers because they may wait for us to pick us from the place and drop to the correct place at the time. Some drivers help us to take the luggage to settle in the car. Now with the technology, we pay for this through the app but we can give some change to them in hand to show your gratitude to them
  • Other than this we can pay to the hairstylist or the barbers who prepare us so well by their service they surely deserve a small amount as a tip for making us look good.