Tinder Auto Swipe

Tinder Liker and the Dating Options

Our theory is confirmed by the experience of a friend at his home matches were extremely rare, and in our country dozens every day, and he constantly met with someone. By the way, in our experience, the willingness to meet more often happens with foreign tourists and foreigners come here working here. What the rest needs, we have no idea. With the Tinder Auto Swipe you can have the best options now.

Perhaps they just have fun

We saw a lot of married acquaintances there. However, all the same, “Tinder” is calmer and friendlier than most dating services because of the model of bilateral approval of the contact, we really appreciate it, and all my dates that began with “Tinder” turned out to be extremely sweet. So far it has not led to anything serious, but this is not necessary. One profile says “Let’s meet and see what can come of it” everything is like in life, where no one gives you any guarantees.

An example of a user

Exactly a year ago in London, we were sitting in a cafe with girlfriends when they showed me Tinder: “you are not so desperate yet, are you? Look, there are such happy fishermen, and such handsome men in uniform and there are such fat men too. Here many work 12 hours a day, how else can they find someone? ” At the age of eighteen, we would never have set anything like this for ourselves. We would have thought it was not prestigious, not proper, but now curiosity has overpowered everything else.

Tinder Auto Swipe

We used the application in London, Paris, Barcelona and Our country, but the Anglo-Saxons, in my extremely subjective opinion, are the coolest. Firstly, every fifth handsome person there, we are used to seeing them only in films starring, they are elegant, and they have a great tradition of attending formal events in a tuxedo – that’s why there are a lot of photos of this kind. There are a lot of funny things: Christmas sweaters, a constant photo in the pub and always skiing or hunting that’s how everyone presents their hobbies.

About the English guys joke that they are so gentlemen that pass all the initiative to the girls. For girls from the East, this, of course, is unusual. In practice, this means that the bill for dinner on the first date is most often paid by the man, but then everything is cut in half. We have the opportunity to compare this experience with other cities. For example, in our country, there are not many users, mainly foreign visitors. If good photos are uploaded, reciprocity most often happens. In Barcelona, ​​almost all of Tinder’s customers are tanned, brave guys with tattoos and a light attitude to life. In Paris, dark hair, few blondes, most guys are skinny and with a serious look. Not everyone is fluent in English. Someone is looking for a real friend, and someone is just one night stand, but, in principle, in each case, their own motive and this is manifested in the first dialogue.

We had two novels with an Englishman and a Frenchman, each with an average of two and a half months, we met in neutral territory, and shared expenses equally, rode moto-cars around night Paris, admired wild horses in national parks and saw off sunsets on the beaches.