bmw service schedule

The Perfect BMW Service Schedule

Your BMW is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we give it all the attention it deserves. As part of the workshop service consultancy, we examine your BMW vehicle with a magnifying glass and define, with you, the maintenance services it needs. Trust the unrivaled technical knowledge of our specialists. Do not entrust the inspection of your BMW to anyone.

A pleasure of driving intact

bmw service schedule

BMW is synonymous with driving pleasure. To keep this pleasure intact, we put all our experience and our latest technological innovations at the service of your vehicle. And to ensure that your vehicle is always in top form, our knowledgeable service specialists examine it with you from every angle. For the bmw service schedule this is the perfect option.

Inspection of the passenger compartment

At your side, the BMW Service Advisor inspects the interior of the vehicle as well as the main comfort and safety equipment. The inspection includes the position of the driver’s seat stored in the memory and the flawless operation of the air conditioning and interior lighting. And because safety is the top priority, the BMW Service Advisors also use to checkthe pedals, the front seat belts, as well as the condition and proper operation of the clutch.

The range of services includes the following checkpoints:

  • Operation and condition of the front seat belts
  • Interior lighting, dashboard and glove box
  • Operation of air conditioning (including disinfection)
  • Pedals (noise control)
  • Condition and operation of the clutch
  • Oil level: Maintenance according to CBS conditions (vehicles without oil level gauge)

Engine compartment inspection

The engine is the heart of every BMW model. BMW Service Advisor use to check for dirt and damage. The engine section contains the liquid tanks (brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, etc.). So it is important to check carefully for any signs of damage and leakage.

The range of services includes the following checkpoints:

  • Cleanliness and condition of the engine
  • Fluid level
  • Oil level (measurement using the dipstick)
  • Loss of liquids
  • Frequency of wear of the brake discs.

It is mandatory to change the brake discs when the minimum thickness of wear is reached or when an anomaly is detected (scratched, veiled, cracked, broken).

Each brake disc has a defined minimum thickness below which it must be replaced.This minimum thickness of wear is defined according to the installed disk.We invite you to contact one of our Dealers so that it can analyze the state of wear of your disks in detail.

  • The main source of deterioration of the brake discs is corrosion.
  • Corrosion is favored by long periods of immobilization, low stress or contact with aggressive detergents, acids or alkalis.
  • Corroded brake discs produce braking effects that can not usually be eliminated.
  • When replacing the brake discs, it will be imperative to change the brake pads at the same time.
  • Brake maintenance recommended for BMW vehicles.
  • Brake pads are wearing parts that are sensitive to the demands of today’s traffic.
  • The brakes are the most important safety devices of the vehicle and must, for this reason, meet extremely high requirements, legal specifications as well as strict quality requirements of BMW.
  • During revisions, it is therefore recommended, the replacement of worn parts by Original parts to offer you the best warranty.

Tips for cleaning the body of your vehicle

It is recommended that you always start cleaning your vehicle with a high-pressure washer to rid your vehicle of the major dirt and dust that sticks to your vehicle, as long as you keep enough distance and do not keep the jet in the same place for too long.

When cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, excessive pressure or high temperatures may damage some components and equipment. Also, do not use a steam wand above 60 ?.