criminal records check

The Essential Reasons of the Criminal Record Checks

Traveling by train without unpleasant surprises is not easy. It is the task of the operation promoted by the Railway Police Department, which implemented a device organized on a national scale, to increase the perception of safety by the users of the railway carrier. It increases supervision, observation and control activities. With a proper criminal records check you can expect proper release from the complications. With this check, you will be exempted from any complications and the police will be also sure that the train and the platforms are without any kind of threats. Under the circumstances, this happens to be a major matter. With proper safety and security, the whole place runs proper.

criminal records check

On 29 November, a day of extraordinary checks was arranged for passengers, baggage and related deposits for a total of 48 Fs airports in Lazio, with the employment of 182 agents. The checks, including the escort activities for trains that run through Lazio, made it possible to identify 1405 people three reported to the competent authorities for offenses in the railway sector. particular attention placed in the verification of the baggage of the controlled persons.

In view of the Christmas festivities, which show an increase in people using the train to reach their places of residence or for tourism, suggestions for a peaceful and safe journey arrive. From the Polfer the advice to those who move to the station:

  • Pay attention to your luggage, never lose sight of it. if unattended it is subjected to police control.
  • Keep the money and documents separate and kept in internal pockets, taking care to close the bags well.
  • Pickpockets’ favorite places are atriums, ticket offices and self-service areas. Prepare the necessary sum before purchasing the ticket.
  • Buy tickets only through official sales channels. Different sales offers and / or “interesting” prices could hide illicit transactions.
  • Not to purchase services (luggage racks, taxis, hotels, tours, etc.) and goods (foodstuffs, clothing, gifts) from people without a regular license.

For information or requests, contact only in-service personnel.

Specific warnings are then recommended for underpasses:

Do not stay longer than necessary and pay particular attention in the event of excessive overcrowding. In the car parks, make sure you have closed the car well and avoid leaving objects insight in the passenger compartment or unattended luggage.

  • Then do not leave valuables unattended, even for a short time, on the train.
  • If you are traveling at night, store valuables in the safe, remember to close the cabin.
  • Beware of any abusive salesman and those who tell stories to take advantage of the availability for dishonest purposes.
  • Keep an eye on your luggage when the train arrives.
  • Always keep your travel ticket at hand.

Refuse flyers and tickets containing requests for money or do not feed the begging phenomenon. Always contact the train staff for information and requests immediately reporting what may be a source of suspicion: a direct telephone connection allows staff to obtain, if necessary, a timely intervention by the police. If you feel bothered, annoyed or if you fear something, contact the Railway Police or the railway staff.