The Best of the Remote Desktop Options for You

With remote access, team members can access the company system from anywhere, from mobile devices, tablets and notebooks. Of course, meeting the demands of work becomes much simpler and faster, because it is possible to have full access to the enterprise database without having to upload this data from there to there. The use of the REMOTE DESKTOP comes up useful here.

This undoubtedly works in favor of distance work and brings agility to the routines of its employees, consequently making a good impression for clients. Besides, there’s a huge savings from that time a person would spend copying files to flash drives or external hard drives, you know? Once you have learned how to do remote access and use it on your team, you will realize the practicality of connecting to your business data in real time without having to make copies of documents.

This will bring advantages such as:

  • Reduction of staff worries and stress
  • Increased effectiveness and agility of daily work
  • Ensuring file integrity
  • Decreased chances of error due to the use of outdated copies
  • Ensuring integration between the team.

More productivity

Undoubtedly, learning how to do remote access allows you to produce more in a shorter period of time. The team will be able to shorten their time by shifting and making file copies, as shown above. This optimization is directly linked to productivity as there will be more time to devote to more customers.


The employee can also take advantage of the time that would be spent commuting between home and work to solve other business issues. Using mobile devices through remote access, the employee will be able to access company files and ensure their deliveries on time, having more flexibility to get new business and improve their performance as a professional.

Consequently, we can also mention that this technology makes it possible to perform work in the home office format, i.e. at home. This is a policy that has been securing its place in new business models in view of the advantages it offers.

Considering that the employee who works one day a week at home gains more motivation and motivation to work, avoiding stress with traffic, for example, and has an improvement in productivity, as well as their performance in performing activities.

Safe and efficient control

By knowing how to do remote access, you can also monitor computers that are connected to the VPN. Process control will be even more effective. This way, content being accessed on any machine can be tracked, and you have the tools to take action that you need in advance.

Through this, there are more features to ensure system stability and security. The very easy access to the company’s files and software provides an environment that is already prepared to handle data security. System resources are handled more skillfully, increasing process safety.

More security

To reinforce, security is one of the biggest advantages of learning how to do remote access. Many businesses of all sizes still resist adopting this technology, fearing to make their systems more vulnerable to attack by viruses or hackers. But this is a completely mistaken idea.

VPN is protected by the same security protocols as a conventional network. Thus, this tool has secure features to stop attacking agents that could cause damage to the computer. Contrary to popular belief, the network is no longer vulnerable to hackers because the protection layer in the VPN data tunnel is very secure.