Some common myths about steroids

Most of the people dream to have a bigger and fitter order to achieve it, people workout in the gym. Because of this reason, gyms are getting really popular. People visit the gym not only for a better body but also for the development of the mind and growth of the body. People also take steroids in order to have a better growth of the body.

Steroids are good if you want to be bigger, stronger and faster. One of the best steroids is DECA . However, there are many myths surrounding the use of steroids. Myths may be true or false but it is not always possible to know the reality. But in this article, we are going to bust some of the myths which you have been believing for a very long time.

It decreases endurance


Most people believe that steroids are capable of reducing the endurance of the body drastically.But, this is not true. The steroids act in increasing the RBC count in the body. With increased RBC count, number of RBC increases, which facilitates in easy transportation of the oxygen to various muscles and tissues in the body. Thus, this increase the overall endurance of the body. Reduced number of red blood cells would lead to lesser blood circulation and thus, less will be the endurance to workout.

Steroids are all you need

Many people believe that steroids are more than enough for the body to grow. But the catalysts are actually the catalysts for the workout. If the chemical process is wrong, it could change the solution with more detrimental effects. This applies to the case of steroids as well.

Steroids help in maintaining the durability to workout. If you avoid the workouts and continue the intake of steroids, then this could have an adverse effect on your body which could result in worse conditions. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the steroids to work properly. You need to take care of certain things if you are deciding to take steroids. Firstly, healthy and perfect diet. Secondly, a constant and peaceful sleep of atleast 8 hours. Thirdly, Intense training depending on the number of steroids that you consume. If you are not able to maintain any one of them, steroids could result in worse conditions for your body.

Steroids cause baldness

Steroids are in no way connected to baldness. Steroids do not cause baldness. Baldness happens due to genetic problems and other factors like water condition, diet but certainly not due to steroids. If you use steroids, it is not necessary that you would be bald. However, steroids help in the acceleration of the process of baldness and this could be reduced by using specialized shampoos.


If you are among the one who believed in these myths, then it is high time that you know the science behind the myths. Do not trust any myth blindly and try to uncover the science and logic behind it.