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There are several species of buffaloes are over there on earth. In African continent there are six subspecies of buffalo are found these are:

The Cape Buffalo,

The Nile Buffalo

The East African Buffalo

The Savannah Buffalo

Discount hunt

The Central African Buffalo

The West African Buffalo and

The Dwarf Buffalo

Cape buffalo is one of the big species and one of the most popular animals to hunt. Generally when the Cape buffalo Discount hunt people targeted old bulls as young bulls are more aggressive. Before deciding for hunting you have to choose the right and safe place.

These are so many types of ways of hunting.  You have to choose according to your interest and your capability also. As it is very important for you to know about the way of hunting you are going to choose. You should have strong knowledge about it because these animals are very strong and they are capable to hurt you if you are not hunting in the right or safe way.

  1. Rifle hunting

This is the most common, popular and easiest way to hunt, as it is also a very effective method. But it also matters which rifle to bring on safari. For a hunter, it’s important to bring a rifle that you are familiar with and u can shoot comfortably. The built should also be premium quality as it will help u to strong hunt.

These are some rules to follow while rifle hunting:

  • Treat every firearm as it is loaded
  • Control your direction
  • Make sure for your target,
  • find what is your target and what is beyond it
  • Be sure that barrel and actions are clear
  • Always take a look through the barrel
  • Unload firearms while not in use
  • Never point firearm u don’t want to shoot.
  1. Bow Hunting

It is the practice of hunting game by archery. This is the primary hunting method for thousands of years and people love to hunt with this method still. It is one of the most challenging methods. Bowhunting safaris offers for all of the plains game species.

There are three types of bows are permitted:

  • The compound
  • Re-curve
  • Longbow
  1. Plains game

This method of hunting is the most expensive. Plains game hunting is conducted in a variety of geographical areas where the climate can vary widely. The hunting techniques are based on the preference of a hunter.

  1. Dangerous game

The dangerous game can be hunted include hippo and crocodile, if there is a dangerous game on the quota. In this method, preparation should be very strong. Hunter has the right rifle, right caliber in itself, with the premium and right bullet it can make a successful hunt. Buffalo is the most popular and dangerous animal also they are generally hunted on a safari in Africa. It is very important to make sure that you are safe in any situation.

  1. Luxury hunting

Many of the hunters love to hunting by their own convenience as they go to their hunting safari with a stay in luxury lodges. When a hunter is traveling with his family he wishes for them a luxury hotel. Although in luxury hunting it’s very comfortable in all the way