Israeli handmade jewelry

Perfect Choices from the Israeli Jewelry

Looking for a ring as beautiful and durable as your love? We explain why opting for platinum. You want an unusual ring, which off the beaten track? Platinum Israeli handmade jewelry is for you. This metal is naturally white; it highlights the diamonds on the ring but especially the grace of your hand.

Also know that if you want to create the model of your ring you, platinum are ideal because it is very malleable. It is perfect if you want to design a particularly complex and creative ring.

Eternal qualities

Platinum is one of the only metals to be completely pure (95% against 75% for an 18K gold ring) and therefore hypoallergenic, which makes him an ally of sensitive skin. It also demonstrates durability and resistance to any test. In addition, platinum does not wear out, so it will always keep its brilliant luster. So, you are sure to keep your ring intact and as beautiful as the first day.

A rare ring

When future grooms evoke jewelry, many only think of white or yellow gold. Yet platinum is the most valuable of metals. It is even thirty times rarer than gold! This explains its price, higher than that of gold.

A famous metal

Israeli handmade jewelry

Platinum quickly conquered great kings, jewelers and stars. Thus, Louis XVI has even described it as “the only metal worthy of kings ” and asked for the creation of several platinum objects. Then, the famous Cartier house makes it emblematic since Louis Cartier was the first jeweler to successfully create platinum jewelry in the early 1900s. Later, it is Elvis who starts the trend since he exchanged alliances in platinum with his wife Priscilla Ann Beaulieu in 1967. Today, many stars wear platinum jewelry on the red carpets.

Reflection of your love

Unalterable, rare, eternal this is platinum. He embodies the perfect metal for the engagement ring and the alliance that symbolizes the strength of your love and the importance of your commitment.

Choosing an engagement ring should be a pleasant experience. With the sufficient amount of knowledge, the enthusiasm to ask his hand to the woman of your dreams, the exercise should be very nice. You will discover on this page the most important things to choose the ideal engagement ring.

When looking for an engagement ring, the options are endless. It’s as if you have to find the style, the diamond shapes, the precious metals and even the frames that are best suited to the engagement ring you are looking for. Let’s focus on the precious metal first. We take stock of the difference between white gold and platinum using the 5 C: Color (color), care, composition, cost and culture.

Color: What colors have gold and platinum?

At first sight, white gold and platinum are very similar, but there is still a difference. White gold has a distinct silver color while platinum is rather gray. It is therefore advisable not to wear them together. A white gold engagement ring may turn yellow over time while a platinum ring will retain its white color as platinum has a white color of nature. 18-carat white gold is composed of 75% fine yellow gold and 25% additives. The ring is polished with rhodium and thus bleached.