make your own book


Children have to get encouraged to pick up stories and read them, and online authors are trying just that by introducing interesting elements. With reach of online stuff, authors can get their stories out to a large number of readers. With so many interesting elements that can be added online to make it more interesting and add to the fun element for the kids to get enamoured into reading. Newer ways have to be devised for kids books as they have shorter attention span and to get them to get interested is important and it is easier online. Learn to make your own book .

Getting the books to the readers

You could make your book exclusive to certain platforms and make the platform do the marketing for you and help gather the customers for your book. The need to get a foothold in the writing industry is initially necessary for the pick-up and when the leverage is right you can a good flourishing writing career in children’s books. You can reach out to other platforms after the lock in period or stay on the platform, it depends on the writer on how you would want to go about it.

make your own book

Certain platforms extend higher royalties than other whether it is sales or just lending of books all proceeds are much better than what you would get from the print publisher. You will be able to have wider reach out with a lot of readers now available which are already usual visitors of the platform will check out what is new, and they will your work will definitely get the exposure, that you would alone have to struggle to market your book. It helps build a reputation that you would perhaps take years to get but the online platform has faster means of doing so and there is a quick way to gauge the acceptance of your writing, kids writing has greater acceptance as compared to adult writing materials available.

Ways employed to

The need to write quicker get the book ready is better this way as well getting the response is faster, gone are the days when the books would hit the shelves and people would read and make it accepting and then getting another contract from the publisher would take some more time, this would also turn into years of waiting, this would definitely take a toll on the creative juices of the writer, has there is a general feeling of disgust, when things don’t proceed and get delayed at every step, but with technology at the forefront, you will have all the things ready in no time and you will audience and if you’ re material is good, you will have great guns going this path of writing.

Initially the writer will be apprehensive of giving the work out for free, but this free promotion campaign is another way of marketing and letting your presence be known in the writing world, letting other peers and reads know of your existence, there will reviews which are beneficial for further sales. This is one of the ways to drive the sales pitch, it will prompt a large number of downloads and the book will have a bigger reach out.