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The first Finnish feature film “Moonshiners” in 1907 was the first feature film shot in the territory of the Russian Empire. The rise of the Finnish film industry was slowed down by two wars, but many successful films were shot in the 60s. The real revival of cinema in Finland began at the turn of the millennium. A visit to makes things perfect.


Drama is perhaps the most popular Finnish film genre. A lot of films have been shot in this genre: from the author’s movie Aki Kaurismäki to the films of Aku Louhimes describing urban life and new popular films.

The films of the world-famous Aki Kaurismäki are distinguished by their unique authorial style. Perhaps the most famous film by Kaurismäki is “A Man Without a Past” ( Mies vailla menneisyyttä ), which tells of a man who has lost his memory and is forced to start his life anew. The film has been honored with many awards, including the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival in 2002.

He is very different from Kaurismäki, but director Aku Louhimies is also very popular in Finland. Plots of Louhimies films often revolve around family tragedies and the interweaving of human destinies. The most famous film is Permafrost ( Paha maa ) in 2005. The film tells several related tragic stories. One of Louhimies ’s latest films, Vuosaari, has won several awards at international festivals.

New films are constantly being shot in Finland and young directors are appearing. One of them is Oscar Sipola. His debut feature film “August” ( Elokuu ), released in 2011, managed to win the hearts of many viewers. “August” is a youth drama where the main character, a young man who has just graduated from school, anticipates a boring summer vacation. Everything changes when he meets a girl with whom he goes on a crazy journey. This is a film about youth, growing up and love.


Spade Pasanen, who gained wide popularity in Finland, is famous as a director and producer of many popular comedies. One of his films Crazy Finland ( Pähkähullu Suomi ), released in 1967, is a parody of a promotional film that popularizes Finland. The plot is built on various stereotypes associated with Finland, such as a sauna, Lapland and moose hunting. The crazy sense of humor of Pasanen and Finnish absurdism undoubtedly catches the eye.

Many good comedies were also shot by the Kummeli collective. Initially, “Kummeli” did a telecast that bore their name. but later, the members of the comedic group went on to create feature films. In 2014, their fifth film, called Kummeli V, was released.

The most remarkable of the films of the comedic group is, perhaps, the “Gold Rush” (Kummeli Kultakuume ). This comedy tells about a person who escaped from a mental hospital. In search of gold, he meets many funny and strange characters.

Last Words

A separate phenomenon in Finnish cinema can be considered a series of amateur films “Star Wreck” (Star Wreck ). Star Crash is a parody of the American science fiction series Star Trek and Babylon 5. Films from this series have already gained cult status, and according to some sources, the fifth film “Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning”, released in 2005, is the most popular Finnish film.