Peter Comisar

Is Scope Capital Management of Brain’s Plan Put Effect on Peter’s Case?

When it comes to a serious issue like filing a suit to the Los Angeles police station, it is needed to check all the facts. As Peter Comisar mentioned about the Fraud case of Scooter Braun, it is indeed a confusing issue. Though the issue is under investigation, still we can draw some topics to have an idea. Our prime motive is to reach the center of the discussion. So, let’s see what it is all about?

From Where Everything Started?

To know the context of the discussion, we need to start from the beginning. Like, Mr. Scooter Braun is a famous face in the Hollywood industry. So many artists were being launched by him. As he maintains the production, he needs to have a good Income source. Certainly, a Hollywood movie won’t be enough. He has several resources, like investment, merchant banks, and fund storing institutions. Scope Capital Management is one of their great dreams.

It was important for him to add a legal advisor for it. According to his manager, Mr. Bolno, he recruited Peter Comisar who is a popular investment expert. In 2016, Scooter recruited Mr. Peter Comisar as an advisor for $3 million. But his one dream is to earn more than $250 million in the end.

Peter Comisar

What Happened with Scope Capital Management Funds?

As mentioned, Scooter has a dream to extend his money by $250 million. According to his stats, his company Ithaca was generating $500 million every year. His ambition was to make it $750 million. But the point is, his recruited advisor was unable to stand upon his desires. Two things had happened. Those are as follows.

  • As an advisor, Peter had to take some steps to increase the investment in the funds. It is not an easy task. But that’s why he was recruited. He changed some regulations on behalf of Braun but at the end of 2017, the net result was pathetic. Despite being such a worthy investment expert, he made a loss. Brain’s main concern was, Peter didn’t get enough investors. So he decided to move Peter from that position.
  • Again, during the curriculums, some confusing steps of Peter Comisar, lead the company to loss. Before 2017, the company’s net worth was more than $500 million. It was expected to increase its worth to $750 million. But it didn’t go that far. The pathetic loss of Brain’s dream led him to take the necessary steps.

What is The Relation of Scope Capital Management to Peter’s Case?

Peter is putting an allegation to Braun that he made a $200 million scam to fulfil that dream. Without knowing the true story behind it, concluding any statement will be wrong. But the fact of Scope Capital Management will come again and again as it is mentioned by Peter in his given statement.

The brain’s side was also taken under consideration. Braun took an arbitration. But later the case will be in court. So, let’s see how the table turns. All these statements, given in this article, are based on the facts from Peter’s Statements.