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Importance of personal hygiene in care homes

The importance of personal hygiene cannot be underrated. Your loved ones will feel so special while cleaning their teeth or washing their clothes. Care Home Stratford Upon Avon has specialized nurses to perfectly trim the hair or nails of the elderly. Further, the personal hygiene of elder people matters a lot for them to stay healthy and active. A clean house is crucial for positive environments to lurk in. It also impacts the body mentally. Safe care homes are so important for the seniors as well as the adults who come to visit their loved ones. Bad hygiene leads to the spreading of bacteria and viruses. Good hygiene helps in creating safe home environments.

Types of hygiene maintained by care homes

Care Home Stratford Upon Avon

1. Haircare

Hair Care is not a big thing if the elders can move their hands and fingers properly. Likewise, having a shower seat is beneficial with a long-handled massager forming the lather. If there is no shower in the home’s care, it’s best to wash it on the washbasins. There are hair washing trays and shampoos for making the hair care procedure easier. Also, the long-toothed brushes with styling aids help the seniors to style their own hair.

2. Nail Care

Long nails are very unhealthy for seniors. Further, it is a good idea to be treated by professionals. It’s best to do proper manicures and pedicures for keeping them in top conditions. For the homely look in care homes, go for nail clippers with magnifying lenses. It’s best for those lacking strength in their hands. The long-handled clippers are great for the toenails.

3. Tooth care

Dental health is so crucial for helping the teeth to last longer. Secondly, you must keep them clean to avoid bad breath and reduce the risk of ulcers. Normal brushing in the home is as simple. You can do it using an electric toothbrush for making the activity less hassled. If you are using a manual brush, choose the angled head or large grip handle brush. It makes brushing easier for the seniors. Try finding the toothpaste squeezers to make the work lighter than squeezing the kinds of toothpaste.

4. Shaving

Daily shaving is crucial for removing facial hair in men. Appropriate lighting is necessary with an over-lighting mirror. Likewise, switch to an electric razor in that part. Put lighting of 200 lux for getting the best efforts. Also, check the lights are diffused for preventing glare.

Hand washing as part of hygiene care

Hand Wash is so vital for keeping the staff healthy and clean. All the people at the care homes must wash their hands regularly. Likewise, alcohol-based sanitizers can be extremely helpful for removing bacteria and germs. Health and hygiene move hand in hand. Care homes can use safety chairs and tubs for making the bath easier.

Why is controlling infection important in care homes?

Prevention is always better than cure and the realities of the people living post different challenges. A care home is susceptible to contagious diseases with so many patients sharing the same house. So, it’s crucial to control infections from breeding in the homes.