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How to check the best furniture removalist?

Choosing the right furniture Removals Company Essex can be daunting and stressful. Furniture is quite a valuable investment and you won’t like it being damaged. If you invest in the wrong company, your prized possessions might be destroyed. Further, everything will fall into place if you choose the right furniture removal company. Packing everything up takes quite a lot of time and effort. With removalists doing the work, the risk of mishaps reduces greatly. Hiring the best furniture removalist is a hectic task and following the below-mentioned tips can help you a lot.

Some tips to check the best furniture removalist

1. Obtain quotes and ask lots of questions

Don’t book for a removalist without taking the quote first. Likewise, have an idea of how much everything is going to cost you. Don’t be mistaken by hidden fees and stay transparent with what you will be paying.

If you are not sure of anything, first ask questions. All the good removalists will be delighted in replying about their services to you. Tell all about your current property and home. Also, find the best spots where you can purchase your furniture.

2. Opt for the valuable company and not the cheapest one

Removals Company Essex

If you are planning on doing everything on budget, don’t just be moved by low prices. The reputed removal company also offers its services at reasonable rates. You will only get what you pay for. Sometimes paying extra will only come in handy to you. This way you will be sure that your belongings will be taken care of.

3. Find out if extra services are provided in the place

Some removal companies move all things, apart from furniture. While reviewing all the potential removal company, check out all other services they provide:

  • Assembling of furniture
  • Cleaning and giving boxes for packing
  • Unpacking of furniture, etc.

Sometimes giving little extra amounts offers all these services hassles free. It leaves you with more time to arrange the new home.

4. Try getting an insurance

When looking for a removal company, go for the one providing insurance. Sometimes moving can damage some things on the way. If you keep the goods insured, then even in case of damage, you will get the money. Also, think that your goods are loaded only inappropriate trucks.

Have the trucks with branded logos. Besides, poorly maintained cars can also cause damage to properties and goods.

5. Asking family for recommendations

If you know anyone who has recently shifted to a new home, ask them about the removal company they have chosen. Whether they were happy with the service or not is also so much important. Act only depending on the referrals. The company that your family used around 20 years back might not provide the same services until now.


Don’t rush into booking any removal company. Firstly, research about them well. Do all the research before finding a fair deal. Check-in with a business that has operated for about 5 years. Check all the google reviews and only then take the decision. Taking hasty decisions can lead to dangerous problems later on.