indoor laser tag

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Based on the principle, modern laser tags satisfy the needs and desires of people with varying degrees of physical fitness and a variety of preferences, since in almost any laser tag, by agreement with the administration, you can adjust the rate of fire and set a particular game scenario from “solo” each plays for himself to the “team” group confrontation and even “role-playing” with different characteristics for each participant depending on his playing “role”. Find the best indoor laser tag right here now.

indoor laser tag

How mines and energizers work

Mines at random intervals issue a series of warning sounds, notifying players of upcoming activation that occurs after prolonged beeps, so the mine is activated and affects all players within its radius of action. The Energizer allows players to recharge their lives or ammo depending on the settings of the game when they fall into the coverage area of ​​the device. The energizer transmits an IR signal every second and beep.

Being in mine mode, the device cycles through 4 states:

  • Inaction
  • Active state
  • Armament
  • Explosion

Inactivity diodes blink amber. The device does not “explode” in this state. This condition lasts indefinitely.

Active state diodes blink green: the mine can be programmed by the player in such a way that when it explodes, the last player who programmed the mine will receive all points for the players who were hit by the mine. To do this, the player must hit the mine. This will change its color for a while to yellow before turning green again.

An active mine can also be reprogrammed stolen by another player, even if it has already been programmed. Armament diodes blink red. Faster and faster, meaning the mine is about to explode. This condition lasts 10 seconds.

Explosion diodes blink white.

When a mine explodes, it hits all players within its radius of action. Mina makes a very loud sound, the explosion occurs within 3 seconds, after which she returns to a state of inactivity. If the mine is in command mode and this game is also a team, then the mine does not hit its players. Being in the energizer mode, the diodes become the same color as the color of the team to which this device belongs. An energizer emits an IR signal every second and beep.

Rules for holding tournaments at the “Portal Laser Club”

Introduced and operating during the official LaserTag tournaments at the Arena of the “Laser Club Portal” by the voluntary consent of the Players and Teams of the club


The tournament is declared open from the moment of publication of information about its conduct on the website of the “Portal Laser Club”, as well as the announcement of the tournament on the club’s territory. The start date of the tournament is indicated in the announcement on the main page of the site. Also, a separate topic is organized on the site’s forum.


The registration of the tournament opens 16 days before its start. For registration, a team captain of 5 people must confirm participation by visiting the site’s forum, fixing in his highlighted topic his written consent with the list of Team members. The contact details and telephone number of the team captain are reported to the club administrator by phone. Also, registration is possible at a visit to the club. The composition of the Team, the contact details of the captain, or single Players shall be recorded by the Administrator.