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Finer Details for the Perfect Flower Choices

The flowers are beautiful but are not eternal. To enjoy your bouquet as long as possible, after delivery of flowers, just follow a few simple rules of maintenance. How to best preserve a bouquet of cut flowers? Follow our advice in Anchor text:,, explore more, here now.

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Cut the stems. Even if your florist has already done so before the delivery of your bouquet, it is advisable to cut the bottom of the beveled stems about 2 centimeters in order to facilitate the absorption of the water. Make use of the now.

Cut the leaves. There are only those at the bottom, which would be likely to soak in the water of the vase. As for the stems, use a sharp knife rather than a pruner or scissors, to produce a clean cut without crushing the stems. We will explore more now and get the choices.

Choose a suitable vase here. The vase must be clean and proportional to the bouquet. Ideally, the height of the vase should be at least half the length of the stems. In case of doubt, the simplest is the delivery of a bouquet of flowers with vase.


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The water of the vase should be clean and at room temperature so as not to rush the flowers. You can decorate the water with food for cut flowers, however respecting the prescribed doses.

Do not undo the links. The beauty of the flower arrangement depends only on the know-how and creativity of your florist. After delivery, remove the bouquet from the package but do not undo the links that structure it.

The ideal location for your flower bouquet

At room temperature

Your flower bouquet will last longer if it does not experience too high-temperature differences. So avoid going outside in the winter or placing it too close to a heat source, such as a computer or a radiator.


To blossom, flowers need brightness. It is therefore advisable to have your bouquet near a window. Be careful, however, not to leave it in direct contact with the sun’s rays. That would be fatal.

Watch out for drafts. Deprived of their natural habitat, cut flowers are fragile and very sensitive to climatic hazards. Prefer a place in your home that is safe from winds and other drafts.

Stop the fruits. Contrary to what we can believe, flowers and fruits do not mix well. Do not have your bouquet near a fruit cup. The ethylene gas emitted by these is definitely harmful to cut flowers.

Days after delivery: The tips

Clean water. The flowers are pretty and love cleanliness. You can change the water in the vase every two days or so. The water should be cool or at room temperature and the vase clean.

Feed your flowers. The cut flower food packets are sometimes delivered with your bouquet upon delivery, or available at your florist and garden centers. It is recommended to add some when you change the water in the vase.

Cut the stems. A few days after delivery, your bouquet of flowers may begin to show first signs of wilting. In this case, cut the bottom of the bevel rods again for about two centimeters.

At each flower his care advice

The maintenance of the bouquet of red roses

To keep a bouquet of roses longer, it is possible, in addition to the tips indicated above, to immerse the flowers in a large volume of warm water for two hours. Keep a bouquet of tulips. Tulips require little water in their vase (8 cm maximum). It is also possible to revive them by wrapping them for two hours in a newspaper moistened with warm water.