scannable fake id

Fake ID v/s genuine ID: how to tell the difference

scannable fake id

Detecting fake ID is not an easy job as high-end equipment allowed counterfeit ID makers to design IDs that are identical to the genuine ones, at least to the untrained eyes. For those who are responsible for checking IDs (such as traffic police, airport security, bank staff, etc.), it’s essential for them to distinguish a scannable fake id from a bunch of original ones within a matter of few seconds. Failing to do that can have severe consequences in many times, so we have compiled a list of features that will help you to promptly notice and decide that if the ID you’re checking is a genuine one or not. Without further wasting any time, let’s get started.

  1. Opacity mark: The very first sign you should check for is a lighted feature, and we call it opacity mark, meaning that if you shine a light through the backside of the plastic which itself has a watermark inside it, then you can see that image through the front side of the ID. That’s what we call opacity markings, and those markings are impossible to remove and very difficult for them to put in the fake IDs. So if you see this mark on an ID, you can pretty much be sure that this is an original, not a fake id.
  2. Rainbow printing: The next feature is rainbow printing. Rainbow printing is a specialized type of printing on IDs, and this is most commonly found in the Minnesota ID where they step through the color system on the ID itself. It is a controlled exacting color shift throughout the entire ID, and it is done in a linear fashion meaning that it goes from darkest to lightest before it transitions into the next color and will go through every pigment on the way to the other color shift.
  3. Variable laser image: And the final feature is the variable laser image. This laser engraved image is achieved by shooting lasers through different concave lenses to actually change the direction of the viewing angle. It will have varying different looks depending on which direction you’re holding the ID. For example, if you have a hologram, as you see on a baseball cap, that is basically a similar feature. However, unlike baseball caps, you will be able to feel this as well if you touch, so you get a little feeling of what the image is with your fingers.

Who are we: At IDGod, neither we encourage, nor we promote any illegal usage of counterfeit IDs. All the IDs that are produced by us are created only for the purposes of jokes, pranks, and fun. We will actively work with the law enforcement department of our country (if we get a subpoena or directed by a court of law) in case it is found that you have used this item for any criminal activity. If you involve in unlawful things like underage drinking or buying cigarettes with the help of our IDs, you are doing so on your own responsibility as we strongly disregard any such action.