Corporate Team Building Singapore

Enhance the Rapport of the Team through Some Activities

Teamwork plays a very important role in the completion of a task. Each and every corporate sector company will focus more on team building. A good team can be easily built through various activities. There are many activities which develop all the essential skills of a good team to the members of the team. It will help the team members to reach a greater understanding among them for performing as a single team with a clear cut focus. A good team member must be ready to accept all the views of others without being a narrow-minded person. Corporate Team Building Singapore has many amazing activities for developing the skills needed for a good team.

There are various indoor and outdoor activities that help people to understand the team better. These activities are very easy and can be used for developing a good rapport between the members of the team. These activities will help people to share their views and thus helps to create a bond between them. Each and every member of the team must participate in these activities to enhance their skills which are required for a good team. A good team member should be ready to listen to other’s views and accept all the suggestions.

Interesting Story Telling Activity:

The main indoor activity which has to be given to the team members is to do a session of storytelling. This storytelling activity can have 6 to 20 members in a team. All the members of a team will gather as a circle in a common soothing space. The requirements of this activity are a whiteboard and a sticky note. The team members should write some impressive words in the whiteboard as a topic of the story. Any person of the team can come as a volunteer and share own experiences related to the word written on the board. The topic must be anything related only to the workplace and not on the personal and entertainment topics.

Corporate Team Building Singapore

The person will share some memories or some interesting experiences in this workplace. The person can also share some views and thoughts on the team and the workplace. During his talk, the other members of the team should note some impressive words used by the person. These words should be jotted down on a sticky note and this turns to be the topics for the next session of the storytelling activity. Every person should tell a story on their own experiences of the word written in the whiteboard first and then on the words given in the sticky notes.

Thus, this activity will enhance the skill of describing and explaining the thoughts in a clear way. This activity will also help the team members to attain some basic understanding of the choice and the thoughts of other team members. This will help in creating a bond between the team and also in understanding each and every person. There are some other activities like sketching thoughts and describing them to the team members. The main motive behind all these tasks is to build a team with better bonding.