Electricity Rates

Electricity and Your Options to Save It

Safety is the word that defines the importance of hiring a professional to develop the electrical project of a work, whether residential or business. The specifications and quantities of materials that will be used in the execution are defined in this project.

The electrical design also ensures that you will not have any unpleasant surprises when your work is completed, as you will be assured that all electrical equipment can be used normally and safely because everything has been performed as described in the design. The Electricity Rates is important here.

The Precautions

All this precaution prevents the occurrence of problems in the power grid and consequently prevents the electrical devices in your home or business building from suffering from mains failure or short circuit.

  • The responsibility for project development rests with the Electrical Engineer who follows ABNT recommended standards, such as NBR-5410 which establishes building, public and commercial electrical installation standards.
  • In addition to safety concerns, the electrical design also specifies the light points to be installed or where the sockets and switches will be placed, all to facilitate construction work and to avoid waste or overcharging with electrical materials.
  • Identification can be done with adhesive labels, but it is important that it is made of a durable material and that identification on it does not erase easily.

Flag the board itself

Unmarked switchboards (such as caution, danger of electric shock) are much more vulnerable to accidents. If the board is not well signposted, for example, there is a risk of someone getting the wall wet and running a short circuit, or even a fire.

When a board is signaled with flashing signs indicating that there is an active electrical board, people are more alert and take the necessary precautions, especially when it comes to environments with high traffic. It is also important to signal not to cause sparks to avoid the risk of fire.

One of the most important projects in a building or renovation is the electrical installation . Since equipment technology, automation and lighting need power, all circuits must meet technical standards to avoid overloading or heating the system.

Electricity Rates

Electrical installation

Everyone knows the headache that electrical problems give, they can range from burnt out light bulbs to major complications such as electric shocks, short circuits and even fires.

However, the design of an electrical project can prevent all these problems and is extremely important to ensure its safety, avoiding accidents.

  • Thus, providing the economy of your system and the proper functioning of your devices.

The electrical project is the graphical and written representation of the future electrical installations of your work. This is where the lighting points, sockets, switches, electrical circuits, switchgear position and protection devices will be defined and indicated.

  • Thus, taking into account the future demands of the system, such as electronic devices, electric gates, air conditioning, and elevators, among others.

The execution of the project is performed by professionals in the electrical area and guided by some standards. This ensures that projects will not pose risks to buildings, humans, animals or material goods. Being one of the best known, the NBR 5410 standard, this provides for low voltage electrical installations.