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The windows whether you like it or not, stand up again and again. Here are some tips for color and paint, so you do not constantly have to repaint your windows. Lacquered wooden windows must be repainted at regular intervals if they are to retain their beauty in the long run. But every two years you do not want to spend so much effort. For the Home improvement ideas this is the best deal now.

Of course, the proper maintenance of wooden windows is the most important requirement for their functionality and long service life. That your windows are tight, neatly close and, of course, look beautiful and inviting. And that means when painting windows, first and foremost, that the new paint first gets a durable, clean and dry surface.

Paint window – step by step

Home improvement ideas

Since freshly painted windows must be open during drying, you should not paint your windows in winter or during the heating season.

Rule of thumb number one: Paint wooden windows in summer or if it’s golden warm autumn, even in early autumn

Rule of thumb number two: First, the old paint off or remove paint, especially in the case that the paint of past years already stacked layer by layer on the frame.

Even if you old wooden windows made of wood, whose brown glaze was refreshed regularly repaint windows completely because the glaze has become darker and darker over the years. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the old layers thoroughly and replace them with a new color cover. In case the windows are not painted, the paint layer by layer.

But which color is best taken?

That depends on it. The respective field of application makes different demands on the color. In the interior, you pay attention to the look, of course. For example, the color should match the walls and floor or carpet whereby the compatibility of the color plays an important role.

Different in the outdoor area: Because of the changing weather conditions, protective colors are the most important thing here, for example, because of their UV and weather resistance.

For interior colors, there are different degrees of gloss from glossy to dull matt, which are crucial for the mirroring effect.

Also important is the hiding power of paint, which is divided into four classes, as well as the wet abrasion resistance, which replaces the previous subdivisions in abrasion resistant and washable.

Another consideration for window painting should be the use of synthetic resin paints or, alternatively, paints with oil paints:

While resin paints are easier and faster to work with less durability, oil paints take longer to paint, resulting in higher coverage and longer life. If the whole thing is too expensive, you should think about the purchase of new windows before renovation. Completely new windows make themselves directly paid for already rotted or leaky windows on view. You can get expert advice comfortably on the internet.

Tips for your windows so that the painting fits

In order for the wooden windows to become an eye-catcher in the long term after painting, it is important to follow the following steps in the correct sequence:

For preparation, all loose old paint must always be removed using a wire brush or coarse sandpaper. Then the wood is roughened with 240 grit paper. It is also important that the dust and grease residues are thoroughly removed before further processing.