Deerskin for feet – Leather shoes

Leather shoes are most commonly used by all the people of both the gender in society and they are using this type of leather shoes for their official use and they are designing their shoes nowadays.  They are using a variety of shoes according to their dresses and the colours of their own choice.  The leather shoes are made up of made kinds and thus they are looking for the well-rated products in the markets.  Leathers are commonly extracted from the animal skin and according to the animal’s skin, the name of the leather must be varied.  And the starting stage of the shoe is designed in the year  1880 and it was designed by the hunters and the forest users of that period.  Moccasins are the people who invented the leather shoes and they used the shoes by themselves they made the shoe with the skin of the animal-like deer and sheep and they make the use of the shoe while they are going for hunting or else they are going towards the forest area this must be very useful for them.


Origin and Uses

It was originated from the old age people who want to protect their foot while travelling towards the rocks and forests.  It is the best way to cover our foot because in forest areas there were several torn and the cactus plant was found in that place and to protect our foot we could cover it safely in a safe manner for that purpose the leather is used.  Mostly the Moccasin shoe was made up of the deerskin.  Ancestor says that the deerskin is very soft and did not affect any area that is related to our foot and it is itching free too.  It easily absorbs the sweat that comes from out from our foot and prevents our foot from the bad odour.  At first, it is made only by the skin of deer and they cover their legs with the deerskin and tied it up with the small rope for the grip.  And then most of the hunters and the forest walkers used that type of deerskin clothes for their manual purpose so that the people made and the invention of the new shoe that is made up with the deerskin in the inner and the outer side of the shoe for the best comfort to the people who wear for the first time will be enjoying the presence in their foot.  And it consists of many types according to both the men and women it may slightly vary from one place to another and according to the region and the atmosphere of the place it varies.  In the modern period, it is common to wear a shoe of our choices and the people search for good quality shoes.  The shoe that is made up of the deerskin prices may vary according to the quality and the place.  In general, along with that deerskin, the manufacturer used little rubber for the gripping purpose when we are travelling or walk in the rock and desert places.  And the other type is for both girls and boys that the boots mostly boots is the type of shoewear by the people who were in cold countries.  And the other type is the driving shoe it is for the grip of the drivers. It is common uses of the Moccasin.