Characters of the guardian angel

Do you have any idea about a guardian angel? We all may hear about this from our parents especially from mom in childhood days if you do any mistakes or any naughty things guardian angel will take you somewhere if you do good things she will bless you. We cannot see her through our eyes but she always follows us. We cannot forget these words of our mom. Is a guardian angel follow us? Some have faith and some have not. Now we are going to see about a guardian angel. You can also check this link  to get more ideas about a guardian angel.

Guardian angel is like our invisible surrogate mother who always takes care, paving a smooth path of life. She always has one work to watch us and give new people for us that make us learn some lesson either good or bad.

How the guardian angel treats us:

It is not like only Christian has the guardian angel other religious people have not. In Christianity, she is called in the name of a guardian angel and other religion they may call her in different names as per their way.

Either it can be a myth or truth that the guardian angel is assigned to every newborn before birth, she started supporting and guiding us right from birth. They are common to all traditions and religions. They have only one rule which does watch and take care of your child who assigned for you.

Guardian angels are assigned to everyone it is not the person who is spiritual or atheist. Even an atheist also has the angel, she guides that child as like other angels do for her spiritual child. They allow her child to take his or her decision independently but she guides to reach the goal with sense. She gives respect to her child’s willingness, belief, and life pattern, there she will never come into it.

Some characters of guardian angel are

  • Soft-hearted
  • High emotional levels
  • Mercy
  • Benevolence

They are compared to the genie who likes in a bottle. They also have kind-hearted and do all soulful wishes to the human on the planet. They can appear and disappear in a nanosecond. But they are slightly like a human with angel features. Angels and genie can travel from heaven to planet and vice versa.

Guardian angels are kind-hearted and they cannot let the emotional without worries. If a guardian angel’s child is suffering in pain, you may think that you do not have anyone to share your pain or feelings but she does. She always there to think and share your emotions. Whenever you feel she equally feels for you on the invisible side. But they are well in handling the emotions they never break like humans, by their efforts only we humans take the step to achieve more after the break. She always makes her child learn more on earth about nature, humans, and many emotions. She takes you in the good path as much as she can possible. These are the ways that guardian angel treats us with kindness.