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Always choose the most energy efficient models

Since more energy is required to cool the air than food, keeping the refrigerator full will always represent energy savings. The greater the size of the refrigerator, the greater the consumption, so it is convenient to select a size adapted to the amount of food that will be stored in it in a general way.

Select a suitable temperature for the refrigerator and freezer, which should be around 3-5ºC in the first case and -1 / -15ºC in the second. The device will work better if the rear tubes are kept clean, so it is advisable to vacuum them from time to time. Do not place the refrigerator next to heat sources, such as the oven, the washing machine or the dishwasher. With the low Houston Electricity Rates the solutions come perfectly now. You can have a great choice for the proper utility of the electric and keep your daily house chores done without any kind of complication. No doubt that this is a very important area now. That is why mush researches have already been done there. The results are perfect.

Houston Electricity Rates

Keep the door open as little as possible.

If the refrigerator is half empty, place a container with water inside, which will help to save energy, because the water retains the cold and the air does not. Defrost the food inside the refrigerator, because that is how it takes advantage of the cold it gives off. And finally, when one of these appliances has stopped working or has to replace it, we must ensure that it is disposed of properly and that it does not end up in a landfill as a highly polluting electronic waste. Normally, distributors and merchants that sell the new appliance will take care of the disposal and recycling of the old one and if not, look for a Clean Point in your city for recycling of appliances.

How much can we save on the electric bill?

The following graph we can see the cost of the measures that we can adopt, the annual savings in both percent and economic in euros, and finally return on investment with or without aid.

Mobile app for energy saving

As we already have a global perspective of consumption, now it would be time to see it directly on our house. For these cases we have Apps for energy saving as online consultants, tools and applications of all kinds that, to a greater or lesser extent, provide data and more accurate control when introducing the characteristics of our home. As a subsection, from the article how to calculate the household energy consumption you can access one of the most recognized online applications for computers.

But the best APP to save more valued and winner of several international awards such as the Smart City Hack or the Mobile Premier Awards, is the Virtual Energy Advisor application considered the Top in energy efficiency in the domestic environment to spend less.

Apps to save energy

As we have seen in the article, reducing energy expenditure in the home is possible and only requires good habits, be consistent in maintenance and really efficient appliances.