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All Essential Details for Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is present in friable materials which, if damaged or pulverized, represent a danger to humans. In fact, is composed of tiny fibers, it can be easily inhaled and therefore cause diseases of the respiratory system. You need to know about the Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros also.

A bit of history on asbestos cement

Asbestos cement, commonly known as Eternit, was produced from the early 1900s and widely used for roofing buildings and sheds, but also for everyday use. Soon, however, around the 1960s, people began to understand that asbestos dust was a human injury as it could cause cancer or respiratory diseases. Despite this, his production continued until the 1980s and, only in 1992, this material was banned in Italy and in Europe. Even today, however, there are several buildings with asbestos surfaces. Fortunately, you can find an asbestos disposal company from Palermo to Milan, ready to help you with your project and secure your home.

How to dispose of asbestos

The procedure for removing and disposing of asbestos must only be carried out by specialized companies. It is their job to:

  • Verify the presence of asbestos through an inspection;
  • Prepare and send the documentation for the necessary authorizations to the ASL, at least 30 days before the beginning of the works;
  • To encapsulate the material by covering it with penetrating or coating products;
  • Reclaim the surrounding surfaces, on which the asbestos product rested;
  • Remove the product;
  • Definitively dispose of the product in landfills.

These steps must be carried out with the utmost respect for safety, since the material is damaged or moved, can release dust.

Asbestos substitutes

To replace asbestos, which, despite the danger to humans, was a very resistant and ideal product for the building industry, the production of ecological fiber cement began. Created in 1994, immediately after the ban on the production, this material replaced asbestos with organic, synthetic, and natural fibers. Ecological asbestos cement lends itself to many uses in construction, as in the construction of roofs, but also water tanks and more. Although this new material does not have the same longevity as asbestos, it still manages to withstand problems for 10 – 15 years.

Am I obliged to remove and dispose of asbestos from my home?

The law does not oblige you to remove asbestos, but remember that this material can cause a risk to your health and that of your family, especially if it is damaged. According to the legislation, the owners of buildings containing asbestos must take care of its maintenance. If the material is crumbly, the owner is obliged to communicate his presence to the local health authority and proceed with its disposal. In the case of quantities less than 900 kg, it can be dismantled independently, but since this is a risky practice for your health, it is always better to rely on specialists. If, on the other hand, the asbestos present in your home is compact, there is no communication obligation.

Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros

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