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Advice on Travel to Israel: When to Go To Israel

It is possible to travel to Israel all year round, but the most suitable time to visit is the months from March to December. In these months it is possible to recreation by the sea, in winter it is colder and raining. With Tzur Tours you can have the best options for Israel travel now.

What to see and visit in Israel

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Every year, more than three and a half million tourists visit Israel. Due to the small size of Israel, it is possible to make a classic circuit within two weeks, traveling only 300 km. One of the possible trips can be started by sunbathing in Tel Aviv and visiting the nearby old port of Jaffa and Roman Caesarea. The round trip continues to Haifa, famous for its Bahaist gardens and then a trip to the Crusader Akka. He also travels across Nazareth to Tiberias and Safet on the Sea of ​​Galilee. Along the Dead Sea, it continues to Jericho and then to Ein Bokek and the nearby Masad Fort. The highlight of the journey is Jerusalem with Bethlehem, and the journey ends again in Tel Aviv. Traveling in the Palestinian West Bank is safe, but the Gaza Strip is not recommended.

Travel to Israel on your own

You could not have planned a trip to Israel according to your wishes because you had to reconcile your journey with other duties you had in Tel Aviv. You did not go on a round trip, but went on trips from Tel Aviv. But even so, a visit to Israel will be a unique experience for you.

On the way pack in the pattern of the last trips only packed into a small cycling backpack. Explore the tips on what to take with you, which ultimately weighed no more than 6 kilograms. Again, you had hygiene in a package of up to 100ml, so you could take your backpack with you on board the plane. Due to the entrances to Jerusalem’s sights, also pack long pants and closed shoes.

Entry formalities

Citizens can travel to Israel without a visa. When traveling to Israel, however, it is recommended to be at the airport at least two and a half hours before the departure of the aircraft. In fact, in front of the check-in counters, there are additional counters to which passengers must come first. Here, the employees of El Al, who speak also local language, will interview the tourists during whom they will ask about the reason for the trip, itinerary, etc. Only then check in at the check-in counter. In Israel, immigration officials do not give a passport stamp, making it easier for tourists to travel to other Arab countries.

Traveling around Israel

Traveling in Israel is possible with local buses, trains or rented car. When traveling by public transport, one should realize that during Sabbath which starts on Friday at 3 pm and ends on Saturday after sunset, the timetables for trains and buses are greatly reduced. In the case of car rental, most car rental companies do not allow driving in the Palestinian territories and limit the mileage.


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