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A Virtual Escape Room: New concept in this Pandemic

Last year the entire world faced the covid-19 situation and due to this, we have to follow the social distancing and mask guidance as per govt. In 2020, theonline escape room singapore trend started because no one can meet with anyone and even can’t go to market so what people do.

So, these online games are played a very important role in human life. These online games platform is still running in this pandemic game. We all know when new platforms are come then people always try those platforms, for fun and entertainment. This is also a good way to connect with friends, family, and also co-workers with whom you can’t meet every day.

Now we are in 2021, so corona is still here with the second strain so this virtual escape room is still here and day by day it’s also gaining momentum. These games are daily developing and also offering virtual experiences. In this room, you will love the most that you can play with the entire world of people from your home.

So many virtual platforms are offering this type of game and it will be a little confusing for you to that there are many other different concepts for this larger category.

In this article, we will tell you about these virtual escape room main categories.

online escape room singapore

If we talk about the single-player game concept, for example – perfect for the puzzle and also for a personal challenge. It is really an interactive experience and also played a group.

There are four types categories of virtual escape rooms.

  • Point and click game virtual Room: These types of games are still was in the existence before the physical room. In these games, the concept is simple that each player has an escape room. The player must click and also drag a POV camera around the space then collect the item and also noting all the clues. They just have to uncover the items and also solve the puzzle that leads to keys. This game is based on the single-player and the leisure of the time. In this game no time and it also not live. It is only a real-time guide delivering an experience. You just have to store the application.
  • Audio Escape Room: In this game, you have to choose and think about your own adventure, and also that shows deductive reasoning. This is a type of game in an audio digital room, they will introduce a storyline to you and for the progress, they will ask some questions and answers from the storyline like puzzles. In this game, they will narrate the storyline throws images and maps.
  • Escape Room of live Camera: due to this pandemic, people are spending time at home without any social contact. They will provide you live camera puzzle and players have to follow that clues and then solve that puzzles. All the games will be hosted live.

So these are some categories and types of the virtual escape room that you can join in this covid – situation.